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A website for your dictionary can be an online resource for students and educators that allows users to search expression definitions, phrase usages, grammar tips, word and phrase replacements, antonyms and more. Additionally, it enables users to play video games and practice pronunciation.

The best dictionary websites feature a variety of different options. Collins dictionary, for example, offers a range of words videos and quizzes and also articles about grammar issues like nouns, verbs and prepositions. Additionally, it includes a thesaurus, translator and Scrabble features. Other popular alternatives include the Oxford English Dictionary and Visuwords. The latter iis a remarkable dictionary that uses layouts to help users see how terms associate with each other.

Google book is another top choice for students and professors that offers a variety of features. Its best attribute is certainly its capability to display term examples in context, the pronunciation of a term, a list of related words, synonyms and antonyms and the origin of a term. It also has a search autosuggest feature and displays the grammatical information of a expression including it is part of conversation.

Merriam-Webster book is a good option for children as it comes with a special section that describes words in a manner that is more familiar to them. It also supplies a list of related words, word and phrase replacements, antonyms and idioms. In addition, it includes a collection of synonyms and incorporates a unique Period Traveler characteristic that lets you plug-in your entry into the world year to find all the ideas that were initial used that year!