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how long does it take to get itin

We will then schedule a short appointment to complete the application process. Finally, as soon as we have the video conference, we can return your passport to you. You will send you an invoice for the cost of returning your passport to you. When you submit your application, you must include documents that demonstrate why you need an ITIN.

  • If you qualify, you can also use your ITIN to receive your income tax refund from the IRS.
  • J-1 students who are employed (e.g., GSI/GSR, other student workers) and J-1 scholars are NOT eligible for an ITIN and must apply for a SSN at a Social Security Administration office.
  • Additionally, ITINs that have the middle digits of 78 or 79 will expire at the end of 2021.
  • Determine which option will work best for you, and review the submission instructions here.
  • If you would like to apply by mail,  you will need to send us your passport, the ITIN application form with your original signature,  and the required supporting documentation.

The service fee for helping you with the ITIN application and certifying your passport is  €599 (excl. BTW where applicable). Preparation of supporting documentation required by the IRS is €125. To file a tax return, you must enter your ITIN in the space for the SSN on the tax form, complete the rest of the return, and submit the tax return (along with any additional forms) to the IRS. It’s important to keep in mind that the above time frames are estimates and that it may take a longer or shorter time to process your ITIN application. Once you have submitted your application, you can check the status of your ITIN application on the IRS website.

What is the process for renewing an ITIN?

The protections against the disclosure of information are set in law so they cannot be rescinded by a presidential executive order or other administrative action unless Congress changes the law. Parents or guardians may complete and sign a Form W-7 for a dependent under age 18 if the dependent is unable to do so, and must check the parent or guardian’s box in the signature area of the application. Dependents age 18 and older and spouses must complete and sign their own Forms W-7. Students seeking services can see our current student services page, which includes virtual and in-person options. For J scholar and Employment-based services, please see our Contact Us page. ITINs are issued to resident and nonresident aliens who are required to have a US taxpayer identification number, but are not eligible for a SSN.

If you have any questions, please follow up with your department or Dean of Student’s office directly. In most cases, someone in your Dean of Students office, departmental HR, or financial administrator for your department summary of federal tax law changes for 2010 will let you know if you need an ITIN. Additionally, you may receive an email from Payroll letting you know you need to apply for an ITIN and provide a signed ITIN Application Receipt to receive your award.

how long does it take to get itin

More assistance is available from representatives in our live chat line if you get stuck while you’re completing the application. With this kind of information and assistance, you’re in good hands with ITIN W-7 Application. If you’ve been issued an ITIN before, we can even save you more time with our online TIN renewal application. If after nine weeks an individual has not received a notice from the IRS with their ITIN assignment, or if any information on it is incorrect, the applicant should contact for assistance. If you didn’t get your third stimulus check, you can still claim it as the RRC when you file a 2021 tax return in 2022. The third stimulus check is worth up to $1,400 for each eligible adult and each qualifying dependent in a household.

Q20: I have a Social Security Number (SSN) and no longer need my ITIN that will be expiring. Do I need to renew my ITIN?

From determining if your ITIN needs to be renewed, to gathering the necessary documentation, and submitting the form and federal tax return. By following this guide, you can ensure that your ITIN renewal process is smooth and without any delays. Note that CAAs can review and certify original documents, whereas Acceptance Agents (AAs) simply review the original documents and must mail the documents with the ITIN application. Note that not all TACs provide ITIN-related services, or they may provide them only during restricted business hours. Because the number of TACs and CAAs is limited, many ITIN applicants simply aren’t able to take their applications and documents to a TAC or CAA.

how long does it take to get itin

Eligible students must be pursuing a degree or another recognized credential. In some cases, an ITIN can be used as a substitute for an SSN to open a personal checking or savings account. A bank account is a safe place to store your money and allows you to establish a financial history. Students receiving I-House financial aid in the form of reduced room and board fees, and who are not receiving any other income (employment wages or financial aid) from UC Berkeley, do NOT need a GLACIER account. ISS will prepare ITIN support letters for you and have the original available to pick up once it is ready. Also, by having everything in order with your ITIN this will ensure that you are ahead of the queue to receive your tax refund if you are due one.

The responsible party will normally mail the application to the IRS either the same day as the meeting, or the next business day. This credit is worth up to $2,500 and can help reduce educational expenses to attend college. The credit is only available for the first four years of a student’s post-secondary education.


After you apply for an ITIN and qualify for an ITIN, you could receive a letter from the IRS assigning your tax identification number in as early as seven weeks. However, the speed in which it takes to get an ITIN depends on the volume of inquiries the IRS receives — it can take nine to eleven weeks during busy times. If you’re working and earning money in the United States, but you don’t have and don’t qualify for a Social Security Number, you’ll need an ITIN. You can apply for an ITIN tax ID for you, your spouse, and your dependents when you prepare your tax return with us.

  • An Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is the U.S. tax collection agency.
  • You can file via Form W-7 with your federal tax return during tax season between January and April or any time you have a reporting requirement.
  • Although an ITIN application is needed to receive your award from the University, the ITIN application is completely separate from the University process of receiving your award money.
  • It is important that you read and follow these instructions, section by section.
  • Knowing the potential risks and benefits involved, only proceed with an ITIN application or tax filing if you feel comfortable.

We typically receive a response from the IRS within 10 to 12 weeks after submitting the application. There is no guarantee that the IRS will grant your application and issue you an ITIN. Knowing the potential risks and benefits involved, only proceed with an ITIN application or tax filing if you feel comfortable. This tax benefit is worth up to $2,000 for each child under 17, and up to $1,500 of the credit is refundable.

An exemption to this requirement allows those with a SEVIS record to submit a letter from the HIO certifying the applicant’s identity. Unfortunately, some of the ITIN Operations Center adjudicators do not apply this exemption. The only solution for this is to reapply with the same materials and the HIO letter. Please follow the instructions linked above to compile your application before coming to the HIO for the certification letter. Once we have reviewed an electronic copy of the application, you send us the form on paper with your signature.

Does an ITIN have an expiry date?

Eligibility for claiming the CTC depends on the status of your children. You can only claim the CTC if your qualifying children have Social Security Numbers. Once the ITIN is assigned, they will forward your return for processing and send you a letter with the ITIN. To comply with IRS tax rules, you must submit complete GLACIER tax records to the Payroll Office and a complete ITIN application to the Berkeley International Office. Berkeley International Office will notify the Payroll Office that you have applied for an ITIN.

The number is for nonresidents who need to file a tax return because of taxable income (like some scholarships) but are not eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN). At Sprintax Forms we can help with individual ITIN applications ensuring correct supporting documents are sent to the IRS to avoid any delays in getting your ITIN. In order to get an ITIN number you must complete and sign a Form W-7 and you must provide proof of identity and foreign nationality status. However, some people are required to file a tax return in the U.S. but do not have a social security number. ITIN applications normally require submission of the original passport.

Is it essential to have an ITIN?

She wants to help others avoid the money mistakes she made while providing easy and actionable advice in an entertaining way. Candice believes that personal finance information should be inclusive of everyone because a solid financial base is the foundation for a successful life. Candice now lives in New Orleans where she admits she spends more than she should on restaurants because the food is as good as you’ve heard. You can apply for an ITIN without filing a tax return if you meet the criteria for one of the exemptions.

However, ITINs are also useful as a form of ID in cases such as setting up a bank account, or obtaining a mortgage. Having an ITIN will make many aspects of financial life easier for new immigrants to the U.S. We’ll explain what an ITIN is, if you can get an ITIN without a tax return, how to apply for an ITIN without an SSN, and how long it takes to receive an ITIN.