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The automotive industry is largely aware of its challenges, and traditional players (the potential clients of pure-play software companies) are working on solutions, to some extent. They’re aiming to establish industry-wide collaboration standards and solidify clear roles for in-vehicle software development, which is in all players’ interests. The same applies to achieving standardised hardware-software interfaces and interfaces within the software stack, which will, in turn, help cut verification costs by facilitating software re-use.

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As an independent vendor- and technology-agnostic software engineering and consulting partner, we leverage our software excellence to help automotive players make software-defined vehicles a reality. The success of today’s automotive industry is closely linked to how well players manage the transformational shift from traditional vehicles to software-defined vehicles (SDVs). The shift presents opportunities as well as hurdles, and companies are responding to them in different ways. In our Deloitte study, we discover the latest SDV trends, the strategies companies are adopting, the challenges they are facing and the potential business opportunities arising from this software-driven future.

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This is especially true if they are used to consumer electronics markets, which are far less regulated and not as commercially dominated by a small number of potential business-to-business customers. The number of skilled automotive engineers a potential software provider has played a significant role when choosing a software development partner. Your potential software partner must be able to hire specialists required for your project in the short term to meet all project requirements quickly.

automotive software engineering services

We help businesses adopt advanced automotive technologies and maximize the value they get from such investments. The breadth of knowledge and understanding that ELEKS has within its walls allows us to leverage that expertise to make superior deliverables for our customers. When you work with ELEKS, you are working with the top 1% of the aptitude and engineering excellence of the whole country. To support that enormous software, these companies must grow organizations that have never existed previously and populate them with the cultural mindset alluded to by Breitkopf.

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For meeting their needs, we, at Emizentech are dependent on our deep proficiency in automotive software development, systems integration, platform development, backend systems, and cloud services. Our automotive software development services include Big Data and Data Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX Design, Automotive Software Development, Automotive Software Testing, and more. To follow their examples, automotive companies should adopt two interrelated software-development best practices. First, they should integrate code into a shared repository several times a day and verify it via an automated build.

automotive software engineering services

Well-publicised examples can be found in the area of autonomous driving, where many major OEMs have invested enormous resources to build in-house capabilities in recent years. But it’s not too late to find attractive entry points for pure-play software companies. Our top-tier SLA-based support and maintenance services are aimed at safeguarding that your business systems and vehicle software operate flawlessly and in line with your needs and expectations. The software-defined vehicle market is undergoing significant change, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer attitudes, innovative business models, regulatory developments, and a new focus on geographical markets. With such a wide variety of influences at play, the question arises as to when SDVs will become the norm. In our survey, 43% of respondents believe that widespread adoption of SDVs is achievable within the next five years, while 47% anticipate a timeframe of five to ten years (see fig. 1).

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Moreover, our software solution includes automated service reminders, efficient customer inspections, one-click customer management, technician productivity tracking, and more. Our workshop software is an easy-to-use and intelligent tool that offers a complete and real-time image of your workshop to enhance performance, productivity, and thereby profits. Our team of experts develops reliable workshop software with which you can create the workshop that you have always dreamt for. Our automotive independent aftermarket software solutions are robust, complex, and highly competitive that offer a support network for automotive all over the world. Our software solution for sales and invoicing includes the recording of automotive business transactions. Also, it offers the businesses a record of the automotive services they offer to their client, its delivery details, and the amount that the clients need to pay for that service.

The auto industry has been on a hiring spree over the past several years, scooping up thousands of software developers in the hopes of bringing more technical sophistication to their fleets. The recent Silicon Valley layoffs have afforded those companies even more of an opportunity to build up their ranks of coders, engineers, and tech-savvy workers. General Motors is ramping up its efforts to create a better technology experience for software developers to make cool apps for its vehicles — and, notably, the vehicles of its competitors. For increased flexibility and function distribution, high-performance in-car computers are replacing domain controller-based architecture. Implementing the adaptive-AUTOSAR platform adds flexibility, allowing it to provide more computing power to support next-generation vehicle architectures.

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This approach achieves the required focus on the technology and role dimensions through dotted lines and mature processes. While this model fosters deep technology and domain expertise, it provides little flexibility regarding project scope, require­ments, and specifications, even if these change during the project. Organizations typically follow this archetype when they develop and maintain numerous products.

automotive software engineering services

Our inventory solutions utilize customer, market, and historical data to craft inventory recommendations that are customized as per your dealership so that you can deliver the best. Our automated tools rapidly calculate values for the new and used vehicles, saving your team and your valuable time that could be invested working on the sales floor with customers. Intelligent solutions hold the caliber to recognize and analyze the patterns of human behavior for allowing data-driven decisions on the road. Our AI & Machine Learning solutions include in-vehicle intelligence, predictive maintenance, predictive decisions, smart routing, and more. ML for automotive can predict traffic congestion, travel time, and even vehicle breakdowns.

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We are also proficient at developing Vehicle Buy-Sell Portal that provides a place for the one who is interested in buying or selling his vehicles online. We develop the best Vehicle Buy Sell software solutions that may stay competitive and perform as expected. Since 2004, we have been a Premium Member and active participant in the AUTOSAR consortium. In addition, we’ve formed strategic alliances with leading OEMs and suppliers to provide services and solutions ranging from evaluation and assessment to migration strategy and actual implementation of standardized architectures and ECUs. With our automotive integration solutions, you get end-to-end software for the automotive industry ranging from the production stage to the vehicle sales.

  • Our team of expert developers delivers fully-fledged and highly configurable vehicle auction software solutions globally.
  • In the traditional waterfall process for software development, these kinds of changes are rare and usually not foreseen.
  • We believe these steps are insufficient, however, since real change will only come when automakers update their underlying operating models for software development.
  • The hype about autonomous vehicles is starting to shake off as scientists and engineers become more realistic about what the maturation of level 5 and 4 vehicles will mean – significant challenges remain moving ahead.
  • Modern vehicles are already packed with digital features, connected and increasingly software-defined.
  • The complexity of automotive software is escalating on both the functional and architectural levels, but development productivity is not rising at the same rate.

High quality of service; increased project implementation speed; assistance in the implementation of the final solution. Our close partnerships with vendors, access to the best SDKs, extensive automotive portfolio, and deep expertise provide us with a solid competitive advantage in the market. AUTOSAR aims to contribute to a standardized software architecture for today and future vehicles. Sensors are getting smarter and automotive software development smarter, and because of getting more intelligent and competent, design engineers can add more understanding capabilities and performance to fewer apparatus. They gave their best for the project and didn’t hesitate to do overtime in order to meet the deadlines. His work focuses on transformation programs in industrial manufacturing as well as consulting on the increasing digitization and networking of value chains.